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Why Delivery Through Drones Will Not Work in India

For past few days, I was busy tying up with a logistics fulfilment partner for my Ecom company I was also reading articles about how the drone technology will be used for commercial purposes. Google, Amazon, and many other players are working towards the last mile dash through drone delivery. In future, literarily, things will fall from the sky :) This made me wonder, can such a model exist in India?
India is never far behind, when it comes to replicating success of any such initiatives, especially those undertaken by Ecommerce / technology companies. But replicating the delivery through drones will be tricky. Here are few random reasons why I think it will not work in India
The drone might never reach its destination - wires, wrong address, stolen in mid air, bird attack, getting tangled in a kite threadNo place to land…especially in the metros .. There are no open spaces (most houses open to the main road) & access to the apartment rooftops are restricted or no…