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Marriages to be made on Mobile

Nokia today announced a tie-up with BharatMatrimony that will allow Nokia device owners in India to use their services through Nokia Catalogs, a mobile ‘shopping mall’ that offers a wide variety of content, applications and services on Nokia devices.

Murugavel Janakiraman, CEO, BharatMatrimony Group says "We at BharatMatrimony firmly believe in the power of technology and have been continuously innovating features to simplify the process of match making.

Through this collaboration with Nokia and Mobile2Win, we are happy to take our matrimony services into a new platform, thus benefiting customers on the move. This will also help us reach out to a wider audience."

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Manage-Mentally 5


I had this interesting image forwarded to me. In Management paralence, I would say -" Blowing your air too much might put you in an akward position"



SMS 2.0

People are so gung-ho about the Internet and the miniscule revenues it generates -2.5 Billion INR. Mobile on the other hand is having a phenomenal run in terms of their revenues apart from the core activities. VAS is pegged around 20 Billion INR.

There are about 32 Million Handsets in India that are GPRS/WAP enabled. About 1 Billion Page views happen through the mobile sets. The number of SMSes received for the Indian Idol Final is rumored around 40 Million.

But then, why is mobile advertising not taking off in India?

Is it because of TRAI regulation that you cannot push advertising? Or is it because the service providers feel that there are more monies in VAS for which the customer is willing to pay.

I am not aware of any campaign done through Mobile, in India, that has been effective or a case study spoken about in the industry circle.

At the most Mobile advertising has been stuck to things like Shortcode, SMS (taken from some unrelated database)… and yeah, couple of banner ads on Airte…

The Online World

The brilliance of online marketing is not the new technology developments that happens. It is the way you can go about doing the conventional things in a digital world. I mean look at all the marketing tools you had been using earlier... the same is adapted into the online sphere.

A marketing catalog - it became a website;
Mailers - EDMs
Retail shop - Online store
Display ads - banner ads
Telecalling - online chat

The best thing is the simplicity at which you can adapt it online. Who would have thought that Internet - what was considered a technology advancement would soon become a marketing advancement. Strange, but true.

I was reading an interesting article on the mini series on MySpace in imediaconnection:

"Roommates," an original web series designed to engage fans with the characters online and involve them in plot development, launches today on MySpaceTV, the video wing of the online community network. Ford Motor's 2008 Focus is sponsoring the content, which will run in t…

Paid Content in India

A recent IAMAI-IMRB survey on e-commerce in India reveals that in 2006-07, the online paid content subscription market was worth a mere Rs 20 crore, a fragment of the Rs 7,080 crore e-commerce market, which is made up of online travel, e-tailing, paid content subscription and digital download sites.

In a paid content or subscription model, a content owner provides consumers access to content for a subscription fee. In India, paid content subscriptions are offered across various categories like news, legal or financial information, online games, audio books or research reports.

For example, Indian Petro Group (IPG) is one such company that offers information related to the oil, gas, power and fertiliser sectors to its clients – ONGC, Lehman Brothers, KPMG and ABN Amro, among others – for a monthly subscription fee of $500 per month. Indian Petro Group owns sites such as, and

Says Santanu Saikia, executive editor, IPG: “Paid content…

Small towns drive Internet boom in India

Internet usage in India has grown more than 11 times over the last seven years. The boom is being driven not by metros, but by smaller and non-metro towns, where the number of users has risen by a whopping 69 times and 33 times respectively since 2000.

The number of users has grown in all socio-economic categories, as well as in all metros and non-metro towns. In absolute terms, the top eight metros still have the largest numbers. However, the growth has been the fastest in the smaller and non-metro towns. In fact, small towns have the second largest number of total users after the top eight metros put together, where the total number has grown by just over five times.

These are the findings of an internet usage survey, done by the e-technology group of IMRB International. The I-Cube 2007 survey was conducted across 30 cities and towns covering 65,000 people.

The usage profile was prepared by studying active internet users, defined as those who accessed the internet at least once in the …

13 reasons why your facebook account will be disabled


Thought I would share with you something I had read couple of days back.

I saw these 13 reasons your Facebook account will be disabled and
thought I'd share them with you for your consideration:

1. You didn't use your real name
2. You joined too many groups
3. You posted too many messages on a wall or in a group
4. You posted in too many groups, too many user's walls
5. You friended too many people
6. Your school/organization affiliation is doubtful
7. You're poking too many people
8. For advertising your app on wall posts
9. Using duplicate text in multiple messages
10. You are a cow, dog, or library
11. You are under eighteen years old
12. You wrote offensive content
13. You scraped information off Facebook

More details about the 13 reasons can be found on the original site, here:


On Indian Railways

It has been more than a year since I traveled by Indian Railways. Most of my travels now-a-days are on road (if I happen to go from Bangalore to my native place in Kerala) or by flight in case I need to travel far.

Couple of weeks back, I had one off work in Chennai. I had taken the same day return ticket for the Shatabdi Express from Bangalore-Chennai-Bangalore.

The train was scheduled to leave at 6.30 AM; and dot on time it left the platform 6 of Bangalore City Station. The Chair car was comfortable – the AC not too cold, soft carnatic music being played through the pipes.

The attendant was well dressed and presentable, something I never related to Indian Railways – where cleanliness is only for slogan purpose. Along with the welcome drink, I had the option to choose from 3 English Dailies. There was a public announcement mentioning the travel distance, the travel time, and the important stations in between; reminded me of the pilot in a plane giving out the temperature and altitude, a…

The Moving Target

The customer is no longer a sitting duck. He is a moving target. In fact in today's digital world he is the hunter...

Have a gllimpse in a day in the life of the Moving target


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Why lie to Fly?


Couple of days back, I had a bad experience on Flying in Jet Airways (Bangalore to Delhi)... It reminded me about another incident that happened to me about a year earlier with another Airlines - Kingfisher.

I had reached the Jet Airways counter at Bangalore Airport, and asked the customer service lady there to give me a window seat, as I wanted to take a quick nap during the flight. The lady mentioned that I was kind of late and there were no Window seats available and the only option was middle seats... Well, I cursed my luck and took the middle seat...

Once I boarded the flight, and saw there was a vacant window seat available next to me, I wondered how is it possible that the lady at the counter mentioned that there were no window seats available... when there was one next to me...(of all the rows in the plane:)

The other incident was with Kingfisher... I needed to reach Bangalore urgently. I went to the Hyderabad Airport, and asked at the Kingfisher counter, if there were ticke…

Digital Agencies in big Demand in India

This article appeared in

Global media holding companies are making many statements on their plans for India. And what emerges from these statements is the serious intent to acquire digital agencies in India. The only problem is that even as media agencies are bullish about this, the hunt isn’t turning out to be as simple as it sounds.
Some of the recent international heads, who have unveiled their digital objectives in national and international interviews, include WPP’s Global Strategy Director Mark Read; Havas CEO Fernando Rodes Vila; Publicis Worldwide COO Robert Pinder; Aegis Media Asia CEO Richard Halmarick; IPG’s Steve Gatfield (CEO, Lowe Worldwide); and Omnicom Vice Chairman Michael Birkin.
Some of the recent initiatives seen on the digital front in India include Aegis Media announcing the launch of its digital arm, Isobar, in India by the year-end; Dentsu and ConnecTurf launching interactive joint venture ‘Clickstreamers’ that would provide Dentsu’s Indian clie…