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A Mixed Collection of Funny Poetry: (Urdu and Hindi)


A friend of mine had forwarded me this stuff... some are funny, some heard before, and some staid...

anyways NJOY!!!!


Kon kehta hai pyaar may pakray jaeen gay?
Waqt aanay per behen bhai ban jaeen gay

Teray husn ki kia taareef karoo?tera bander jaisa mu
Teri zulfo ki kia tareef karoo?teray ek ek baal pe joon

Mohabbat mujhay un jawano se hai
Jo khatay peetay gharano se hain

Aj bagh may kali hai, kal gulaab ho ga
Mujh se shadi karlo,tum ko sawab ho ga

Itnay dino se jalanay nahi aya
Jalti hui aag ko bujhanay nahi aya
Kehta tha saath jiyen gay saath marain gay
Ab rooth gai hoon to ullu ka patha mananay bhi nahi aya.

Ghar se roz jata hai wo, Maa ko bohot rulata hai wo
Kambakht baap, Sab ko hi satata hai wo

Hathi nay kaha ja kar hathni ki kabar per
Sadqay jaoo tumhari patli kamar per

Tum bhi becahara,hum bhi becahara
Fittay mu tumhara,fittay mu hamara

Hum nay usay dekha angle badal kar
Us nay hamay mara sandle badal kar

Dil kay armaa aanso'oo may bah gaye
Un kay bachay hamay mam…

Happy Holidays

Chirstmas time, I am told, is a time for miracles.

Here is wishing you miracles in your life, and happiness and peace.

Happy Holidays and Wishing you all a Happy New Year



Online Advertising – Before Google and After Google

With due respect and regard to Aldous Huxley, the online advertising can be divided into 2 periods – Before Google and After Google.

When the first banner ads appeared on, it was like the caveman discovering fire. Soon the internet space was having websites with “To-let” boards for ad spaces. The progression of the advertising opportunities continued in a brisk space.

From flat rates for a select period, they got into impressions. Then it got improved to geo targeting, time targeting, and more specific in terms of IP address or person targeting.

Like the famous poem by Robert Browning, there were big ads, small ads, tall ads, short ads, expandable ads, static ads, appearing ads, disappearing ads, form ads, collapsible ads, yes ads and no ads…

By 2003, the online pundits were talking about having the perfect analysis tools and also that they have perfected the art of giving the optimum ROI for the online campaign. Pundits were talking about how effective online campaigns can b…

Its all about CAMA


It has been a while since I increased the bytes in my blog. I shall blame it on something called writer’s block. Well, this time around the block has been too big, way too big. I have been working on breaking this block, but did not find enough gelatin sticks.

Every writer, worth his salt, goes through this period of block… the key to overcome this is to hit the keyboard hard. Usually, most of us tend to use the ‘Backspace’ or the ‘Delete’ keys a lot, during this phase.

Well, the other day someone asked me, how to make a kickass online campaign. It made me wonder, on what would be the ingredients to make a great online campaign.

CAMA. That is the solution. Creative + Account + Media + Analysis

Let us be frank, everyone talks about a great creative. Especially when you are online, it is a great creative that will entice you towards what you need to communicate. Unlike the creatives of other media, on the online space, the creative can be interactive. You could have your creat…

Internet Spends to Increaase

Global: Agencies; Advertisers/Brands; The Media
US Online Adspend Will Overtake Newspapers by 2008
Carat International's latest Global Market Update predicts that online adspend in the USA will overtake the newspaper sector by next year.

Comments Robert Lerwill, ceo of Carat parent Aegis Group: "Digital is driving growth in almost every single market, transforming the marketing landscape in the process. Investment in digital media has now definitively moved from 'experimental' to 'essential'."

The rise and rise of the once derided advertising medium continues apace. In the UK, it overtook outdoor advertising in 2005 and will outpace magazines this year. In ultra-tech-savvy nations such as Sweden and South Korea, online is set to become the third largest ad medium after TV and newspapers this year.

Among traditional media, Carat reports that TV still rules the roost, especially in the USA where TV spend is heading for 4.3% growth this year, boosted by cable …

Some interesting facts about Bangalore

A few days back, I read some interesting facts about Bangalore... though not sure how much of it is correct... but it is an interesting read neverthless :)

DID YOU KNOW....................

• Bangalore has the impeccable record of highest growth in 20 years.
• Bangalore has highest number of Pubs in Asia.
• Bangalore has highest number of cigarette smokers in India.
• Bangalore has the highest number of software companies in India 212, followed by Hyderabad -108, Pune - 97. Hence called the Silicon Valley of India.
• Bangalore has 21 engineering colleges, which is highest in the world in any given city. Bangalore University has 57 Engineering Colleges affiliated to it, which is highest in the world.
• Bangalore is the only city in the world to have commercial and defence airport operating from the same strip.
• Bangalore has highest number of Public sectors and Government organizations in India.
• Bangalore university has highest number of…