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House Hunting in Delhi - Helpful tips

I have been transferred to Delhi; and will report into Delhi Office from May first week..

The last two weeks I have spent most of the time, searching for a place in Delhi, that fits my requirements and most importantly, my budget. The rent in Delhi have sky rocketed, since my last sojourn (in terms of house hunting) here in 2002... Places considered far and not worthy are today prime localities for stay (i mean, NOIDA, Dwaraka, Vasant Kunj, etc)

Well, this time of the year, happens to be wrong time to search for a house in Delhi... hey, but the 'brighter side' (other than the sun:)) is that it cannot go any worse than now..

Here are some helpful tips for people searching for a house in Delhi -

1) Check online for the properties available... you may not find many owner requests, but you surely will find a whole lot of property agents database -
Check out sites like

2) Check the local classifieds that c…

My Online Habits..

In my earlier blog, I had mentioned that after few years of regular Internet Usage, you tend to have particular online habit.

These are a few of my daily online habits:

Check email:,,

Personal: (use this for search also)


Industry News:,,

Instant Messaging: Gtalk, MSN Messengar

Networking: LinkedIn/Orkut


I try and not miss out of any of the above activities. Also, there are days when I would visit some other sites - work related.. or maybe a Picasa to upload photos... or google adwords for some site analytics.. otherwise, it is the above points, as usual



Netboredom: The rise of Internet Boredom

You all might pretty soon hear about a new word : "Netboredom"


Boredom is something that we go through during sometime in our lives. "I'm bored." This phrase is something that you would have used a lot or heard a lot during your life. I am sure, you would remember in your childhood, that you would be aimlessly sitting or doing nothing in specific, and one of the first things you would tell the other person is " I'm bored."

A large number of us people, spend a lot of time on the Net - at work, at home. This number is growing day-by-day. Statistics show that we use the Net for - Mail, Chat, Search, Social Network and visit need related websites (Ecom sites, news sites, general interest sites, work specific sites, etc)... After a continued usage for few years your net usage would have a specific pattern.

However, there are lots of time, when you are on the Net, and you are bored...doing nothing specific... this is what i call "Netbored…