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Key Takeaways from NASSCOM ILF 2017 Event

After a long time, I attended a full NASSCOM conference (Yes, all of three days!!).  As good events go, this event too was good, with a long line of illustrious industry  speakers (Ginni Rometty) business leaders (Mukesh Ambani, Anand Mahendra)  to sportsperson (Anil Kumble). The topic curiously was more introspective  rather than outward looking – To reimagine and not reengineer

While a variety of topics were discussed (  for me the key takeaways from the event were:
Artificial IntelligenceVirtual RealityHealthTech
From IBM Watson to Startups creating NLP & Deep Learning based solutions for enterprise,  I'd noticed AI coming in all shapes and sizes. Some call it Machine Learning, some others Cognitive  Business. However, the idea that data will drive businesses is very real. If Data is the new oil…  Artificial intelligence is going to the refinery plant.

Virtual Reality, which has been in the spot light for past few ye…