Key Takeaways from NASSCOM ILF 2017 Event

    After a long time, I attended a full NASSCOM conference (Yes, all of three days!!). 
    As good events go, this event too was good, with a long line of illustrious industry 
    speakers (Ginni Rometty) business leaders (Mukesh Ambani, Anand Mahendra) 
    to sportsperson (Anil Kumble). The topic curiously was more introspective 
    rather than outward looking – To reimagine and not reengineer

While a variety of topics were discussed (
for me the key takeaways from the event were:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • HealthTech

From IBM Watson to Startups creating NLP & Deep Learning based solutions for enterprise, 
I'd noticed AI coming in all shapes and sizes. Some call it Machine Learning, some others Cognitive 
Business. However, the idea that data will drive businesses is very real. If Data is the new oil… 
Artificial intelligence is going to the refinery plant.

Virtual Reality, which has been in the spot light for past few years but limited its presence and activities
to media and gaming industry will have a larger role to play in various other businesses. Healthcare and
Education being the most natural progression for virtual reality solution. From the basic 360 degree 
video currently in use… the use of 3D - CGI will increase. Personally, I feel that VR needs to move 
from single user interaction to single object - multiple users interactions on real time basis.

From FoodTech couple of years back and to Fintech last year… this year will be about HealthTech. 
The healthcare market is over $3 Trillion and digital has been scantly used in this industry. There is 
huge interest from Pharma, Insurance, and Govt on increasing the quality of medical care thus will give
rise to a lot of startups focussing on end user solutions

    Apart from the above, there were some more things to ponder:

    • Why do technology firms talk about VR / reduced attention span,  etc. but have day long conferences & have has physical conferences rather than virtual hangouts?
    • Most technologies are old wine in new bottle… Be it ASP (application service provider), SAAS, cloud computing, etc…
    • Is Digital SCAM (Social-Cloud-Analytics-Mobile) in a new guise
    • Messenger is more important than the message: Two business leaders having divergent views on same subject (demonetization) receives applause from the same audience.
    • We live in the ‘Now’ moment: As the field of technology rapidly changes, most of the business leaders have a focus on what is the current need and try and identify solutions that best suits their current challenges. Also, they consume information for the moment with little action points.
    • There is a huge gender gap in IT field…. Unlike most of the media & marketing/advertising events I have and keep attending regularly - women delegates are scantly present in the NASSCOM event. Hope the young girls take inspiration from Ginni Rommety and we get to see many more women in the IT field. Please note this comparison is just between media/advertising industry and IT industry



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