Advertising through LinkedIN

Ok. You know it. But, I still will say – LinkedIn is great. In fact, it is one of the best things that has happened in the Networking sites

So, I have a profile.. I have a large number of members in my network. But, what is it in for a marketer. As a marketing professional, how can I use LinkedIn to reach out to those grapes (read profiles) I see, but can’t reach.
Most marketers use LinkedIn effectively for HR (It is a different story that my profile has not evinced any interest so far)

What any advertiser is looking for medium and ways to reach to the target audience without much ‘disruption’. LinkedIn provides focused marketing based on member profile.

Normal Advertising Options:

LinkedIn advertising option offers the standard IAB Banner sizes (728x90, 160x600, 300x250) and text ads. These ads are displayed on the user profile pages – based on their designation, company size, location, roles, and industry. Also you can do the standard Frequency capping, IP target, time etc. If you are an advertiser from India, it is always better to keep in your messaging that the advertisement is from India/ for India – else most people might skip interacting with the banner ad.

Creating Networking Groups

LinkedIn Networking Groups are a great thing - but you need to understand that a LinkedIn Networking Group can be a business networking group, it can be a business executive networking group, it can be a marketing networking group, or any other kind of networking marketing group.

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, it is easy to create a Group. Remember that people come together even in the online space if they have something in common. Some common ideas that brings people together are –
Location/Place of work/Alumni
Something YOU are passionate about (you will be surprised how many are like you)
Professional Group (Marketing/Sales/Finance)
Self Improvement (everybody likes it)
If you are Indian – Try Religion/Cricket/Bollywood 
Ok. Now you have an objective for creating the group. You will need to send an INmail to all the members of your network about the new group. Say if you have around 100 people in your network.. and if 50% of them joins your group. You have 50 members in level 1. The persons who are in the network of the people who joined your network will get an update about their current status.. if we assume that there are 100 people each of their network, and a conversion of 25% would mean (25% of 50x100 = 1250 members)… Not bad for a few minutes of work.

If you are a premium member you could also send direct INMail to members who are not part of your network.

Remember, the idea is not of creating a group, but maintaining and sustaining the group. Which would mean you will need to have regular activities like – Discussion, Q&A, updates, links to related articles, etc

Remember the wise man saying – Fish where the fishes are…



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