Happy Father's Day

Accha, Wish you a very happy Father's day.

I know for sure that you will not read this blog, for you are not conversant with the phenomenon called the Internet. (he is 70 Yrs old).. I know for sure, I will never be able to say to you in person how much I love you; for I still think it is unmanly to be sentimental, especially with one's Father.

I look back upon my life, and with every passing day i realize, how important you are in my life. I also realize, when i speak to others - i quote the same things you used to say, and react to day to day situations similar to the way you did. I feel proud, when someone says - you are just like your dad.

I say 'I love you', not because you need to hear this from me... more so because, I want to say it.



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