Why I Love Digital Marketing & Advertising (And You Should, Too!)

You won’t be in a relationship for 20 years, unless you are in love with it. Right? I started my association with advertising & marketing, moonlighting for an ad agency as a copywriter-account executive-office boy-and-all, when I was in studying in college during early 90’s. Even today, advertising & marketing is something that makes my eyes sparkle and heart palpitate. Love for digital is something I picked along the way. It started with spending too much time with my IT/Engineer friends and endless discussions over bottomless bottles of alcohol which gave me a hang of what technology is all about..and suddenly, I was in love with all things digital

They say one’s career is defined by the 4 P’s of - Passion, Personality, Pay, and Potential… I’m not sure whether I’d like to see my career through these filters only… but yes, these hold good (except maybe the Pay part :))

Here are few reasons, randomly put, why I love digital marketing & advertising

  • Non-mainstream career option was the choice for average students…where the ‘smartest’ and ‘brightest’ students opted for Engineering & Medical stream.
  • My sports record was better than my academic record
  • As a teenager, everyone said, you’ve a creative zeal… when all I could do was ‘create’ some mediocre stuff - sketches, poems, or short stories
  • I love telling stories  - some facts, but mostly fiction :)
  • I love mind games…the favourite being chess & solving cryptic crosswords
  • As a child, Star Trek was my favourite TV show and Star Wars my fav movie
  • The longings to create something, always
  • The want of every new day being just that, new. I get bored doing the same thing again and again
  • Don't want to grow up… remain a student for life, and keep learning
  • looking for a ‘smarter’ & easier way to do things
  • the longing to be in the crowd, but stay apart from the crowd
  • can spend a whole day observing the ants…or people
  • Want to have Ah! or Eureka moments every day
  • Influence people or entities around me by what I do
  • Sounds and feels cool, when I’m the only one amongst my batchmates, whose profession is different

Maybe Advertising & Digital Marketing is the only career option, where a little of all I learnt gets applied and I get to relive some of favourite subjects:
Advertising: Social studies, economics, english (and other languages), science, stats, etc
Digital: science & math

More importantly, the real things that matter at work are - general knowledge, common sense, and ability to think logically

Yes..my personality suits, the passion remains, the potential unlimited, and who cares about the pay… when the score is 3:1


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