We are like this Onlyne

Internet is many instance is the only source of information... From students to researchers, all of us just collate and analyse the information that we get from the Net. Here’s my glimpse on how India would look through the Internet.


There are only 2 parties in India - BJP & Congress
NaMo, a.k.a Narendra Modi, is the biggest politician in India
Rahul Gandhi is unmarried and PM-in-waiting
Everyone in the Parliament  is a crook


One of the fastest growing economy in the world
Huge consuming middle class
Mukesh Ambani
The single biggest culprit for wasting time is IRCTC website


All are working in BPO, or IT


We love hindi movies
The two fameous celebrities are: Salman Khan and Poonam Pandey
We hate Chetan Bhagat, and any other English writer of Indian origin
Sachin is God
All Indian men are desperate


We love cricket, and hate our players
EPL is the most fav sport after cricket

I’m sure there are many more... these are just starters, please add on :)



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