Describe Internet in one word


Been a while since I put some bytes in my blog. The reason being I was trying to squeeze the whole essence of the Internet into one word.

What is Internet?

Some of the thoughts I have when I say Internet is


There are various words to describe the Internet... but the ONE perfect word still eludes me.

I guess we are so used to the Net, that we take things for granted. I have over 5000 mails in my gmail ID... i would have read about a quarter of them. The others I skip, or plan to read later...(which has not happen in the last couple of years)... but, what if, i lose all my mails? I never gave it a thought. I am sure neither would have you given a thought about it.

If you have any thought about how you would describe the Internet; please leave your comment

In the meantime, i shall explore more about this virtual reality.




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