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Last couple of days, my Net connection was down; I was lazing around and playing some computer games... It reminded me of my early days of introduction to computers. It was late 80's (remember, India was a late- entrant into the IT field) and my college computer courses included intro to DOS environment, BASIC, DBASE, some other stuff like WordStar, AutoCAD, C, and intro to UNIX environment etc.. Programming was kind of bore for me like -

cd:\> basic
CD\BASIC:\> qb

GOTO....... 80

It was during that time I got hooked to computer games - PACMAN was my fav., then came PARATROOPER, there was also game called as SNAKE (or was it Centipede.. it
was a game where the snake grows each time you eat)... then was BRICKS... DIGGER, and the then ever-popular DAVE.

The graphics of WOLF 3D was amazing for me... and so was PRINCE (DOS version)... I
thought that the graphics I saw in games like GOLF, CAR RACING, ALLEY CAT, MARIO, FLIGHT SIMULATOR, were to be the end point of the games software… that made me think hey, can we go any farther?

Soon my interest for the games was over.... and after few years, around 1994 I saw this game called Age of Empires... well, graphics and gaming had come a looong way... but by then I was bitten by another bug that was prevalent in India... the INTERNET

Looking back, today, even though there are Nintendos, and Playstations around... give me the good ol' games... i liked them.... and I like them even better now :)


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