Google brings Speech Recognition to Video Search

Google seems to be slowly rolling out new features into some of their services. Google, which originally began as a search engine, has now become a giant on the interwebs, trying its hand at every possible area. As of today, the giant has a 70% Market Share in the total search queries from the US.

Google has now started indexing a select few of its videos hosted Google Videos using Speech Recognition Technology. This technology enables Google to transcribe the speech in the videos to text so that Google can Index it. Currently, only videos from the official politician channels are supported. Currently, a user has to rely only on the Video title, description of the video or the tags. The ‘related videos’ too are based on these matches only. Now, with the technology, whenever any user makes a search, Google looks up the word in its big book of indexes and returns the videos which have these words in them. As an added benefit, Google adds bubbles in the timeline along with the text that is being spoken.

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