Follow Finder from Google Labs - Any takers??

I saw this new stuff that Google Labs is working on…FollowFinder it made me curious to know what exactly does this feature do, and how will it help the users and also how will it help Google as a company.

Followfinder is basically a search engine that will help you find people (nay, tweeps) and expand your twitter network.

While I’m not sure why would people go to a Google feature to search for Tweeps, while I have this function on Twitter page… in terms of finding people. In fact looking at the growth of twitter access through mobile apps (I guess in the last count it was close to 45%) Google is looking at only half the twitter user universe through this feature…

Another reason and I find this most stupid is the fact that if I am following say 2 publication tweets…what inference makes Google believe that I might be interested in other publication tweets too.. I mean, I do not subscribe to all the newspapers or magazines.. I stick to 1 or 2… and I’m sure most people also would be happy to follow their regular source of news rather than the whole news-world at large.

Yes, what it could help is in something I call a ‘voyeuristic’ search, where in I would like to know who is following whom – other than that I do not see any ‘utility’ of this feature

As Google Labs keeps experimenting on various things that can be done in the digital space… this one in particular (FollowFinder) will not have many followers as there is nothing unique it offers…unless they come-out with something special




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