Impact of Mobile Number Portability in India

Well, after long delay and many missed deadlines mobile number portability (MNP) has come to effect. It is almost 2 months since MNP is in effect and there has been some traction in terms of people shifting from one service provider to another.

Some of the obvious impact of Mobile Number Portability are:

- The customer service and network offering would become better;
- Parity on the cost / packages

On other hand, I think there could be far more subtle impact on the current mobile marketing environment. 5 changes that i foresee are:-

- There could be increase in network locked phone schemes (Handset + Connection)...where-in high end phones are offered for lower prices
- Increased Value added services. Companies would offer access to exclusive content so as to keep the customer engaged with content and thus create higher exit barrier
- Annual subscription packages, in form of widgets and data which would get discontinued when people shift the service provider
- Common denominators across all service provider - including 3rd party maintained cellular towers, out sourcing of non core operations, etc (in fact it is already happening)
- Increased 'guerrilla marketing' .... while the bigger player would be looking at expanding the market, the smaller players would try to entice the existing customers of bigger player




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