People & Brand - The ‘Heard’ Mentality

Here I want to talk about, why people use social media & what brands can learn from that

A brand is nothing but individual thoughts of a collective set of people. And, people are,well, people :) Which means, in real world,  brands in many ways behave the way people do. Same is behaviour when it comes to social media too

People get on to social media platforms, especially networking platforms, to connect and converse with people. They love to share stories, occasions, and have a general good time catching up. Isn’t this the purpose, why we all landed up on Facebook and Twitter initially? 

But somewhere down the road, as we tend to become more (social) media savvy, our focus shifts from engagement with people we know to acquisition. Our inherent desire on social media, becomes that of acquiring more followers, fans, or increasing the connections (as in LinkedIn). 

Call it ‘heard’ mentality. It is more important that how many hears you rather than what is heard. Even in the jungles, it is usually seen that the animals that are ferocious are usually the ones with powerful roar. It is told that a Lion’s roar can be heard over 5 KMS :)

Thus, whatever we marketers intend to use social media for, it is inevitable that eventually acquisition would be a key focus of the brands- to prove their popularity & power - paid or organic

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