5 parts to create a Digital Strategy

Generally, I blog then tweet about it. Some instances are exception. Couple of days back, I put out a tweet giving 5 building blocks for digital strategy. 

Many had DM’d me asking for the details of it. So I decided to give an explanation on why I considered them as key filters for digital strategy

Every digital strategy starts with the customers: - Who they are? What they want? What they are expecting? How is technology impacting their behaviour? What interactions they are having with competitors, category, etc. How you want them to interact or experience with your brand…..and by customers, i mean not just consumers, they are also your employees, partners (suppliers, vendors, sellers, etc)

Once the customer need-behaviour-experience is identified, then it needs to be looked through these 5 aspects:

  • Devices
  • Channels
  • Data
  • Content
  • Enterprise Applications

Devices are predominantly answering the customer problem/opportunity through the filter of various devices - Smartphones, Smart device, IoT, tabs, computers, etc
Channels would be the platforms where the customers can be acquired or engaged with; Online, Social Media, Point of Sales, Television, Cross media, etc are usually what is explored 
Data is the one of the critical cog of Digital strategy. What is that we need to understand about the customer, This would be various ways to collect point of references and analysis that will help marketers build better product & services 
Content is all about the what to say and how to say it (formats - text, images, a/v, etc). Basis the same, the medium is selected, which bests suits & has maximum impact of transferring the content across
Enterprise applications are those activities that is undertaken by the company that will either have a direct impact on the quality/time/cost of the product. This could mean, optimised productivity, lesser inventory/logistic cost, better Quality control, etc

Once you have the 5 aspects detailed out, then it is about prioritising… depending on the current situation & resources in hand

Hope this clarifies my tweet




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