Yahoo! Bets big on entertainment, announces plans to launch 100 new websites this year

Yahoo! has announced plans to launch 100 new websites this year that will showcase various entertainment brands, including video games, TV shows and movies. The company recently introduced its Brand Universe initiative at its Sunnyvale, California headquarters.

The Initial sites will focus on the Nintendo Wii; game titles ‘The Sims’ and ‘Halo’; TV shows ‘Lost’ and ‘The Office’; and the ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Transformers’ franchises. The rest would be announced by the end of February and launched by the year-end. Features on the Nintendo Wii site on Yahoo! include related news and reviews from around the Web, photos from Flickr, message boards and a buyer’s guide.

Yahoo has already built a Brand Universe site around the Nintendo Wii, and has announced six more. Like much of Yahoo!, advertising will support Brand Universe sites, and Yahoo! said it would discuss ways to share revenue with brand owners.

Vince Broady, Head of Games, Entertainment and Youth at Yahoo!, said that the company had a wealth of entertainment content, but finding the material about a specific attraction was not always intuitive.

“We don’t connect the dots for our users around those brands,” Broady said, adding, “Brand Universe is designed to fix that problem. What we are really trying to do is create environments where fans of brands can hang out when they are online.”


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