13 Pillars for Internet Marketing


This is wonderful piece of article I saw about Internet Marketing written by David Bain. Well The video download (Appx 2.15 hrs) costs about $127...

In case you have the inclination to know about Internet Marketing, and the monies, you could buy the same here.

The 13 Pillars - A Summary
The 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing gives you 2 ½ hours of video recorded live at a recent seminar in April 2007. It's jam packed with up-to-date information on how to run your own Internet marketing campaign as effectively as possible. But what exactly are the 13 Pillars?
Pillar #1: Website Design
• Simple coding you need to know
• How to appeal to search engines
• How to improve your search engine visitor click-through-rate
• How to structure your website navigation links
Pillar #2: Keyword Research
• What keyword phrases are
• How to research your keywords
• Where to position your keywords
• How to brainstorm 10 top keyword phrases for your business
Pillar #3: Blog Technology
• What a blog is and why it matters to your business
• How to set up your own blog
• Why a blog is so much better than a 'regular website'
• How to set up automated marketing using a blog
Pillar #4: Autoresponders
• What an autoresponder is and why autoresponders are essential for your business
• Why a 'double-opt-in' email list has to be an essential part of your Internet marketing strategy
• How to significantly improve your enquiry to purchase percentage
• What the best autoresponder software is
Pillar #5: Paid Advertising
• Which four directories you need to get your business listed in
• Tips for running your own pay-per-click marketing campaign
• How to determine whether or not your advertising campaign is worth it before you start
• Why you shouldn't use certain types of paid advertising
Pillar #6: Press Releases
• How to format your online press release for maximum impact
• What online press releases should do for your business
• Where to publish your online press releases
• Why online press releases won't work by themselves
Pillar #7: Link Building
• Why linking is the lifeblood of the Internet
• Where to build links to your website
• Why continuous, relevant link-building is essential
• How to get someone to link to your site without having to link back to them
Pillar #8: Article Submission
• Why article marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your website
• How to publish your own articles on top-ranked websites for free
• How to quickly become a well-respected industry expert
• Which two sites are essential when it comes to publishing and promoting your articles
Pillar #9: Forum Participation
• Why participation in website forums should be an essential part of your Internet marketing strategy
• How to find your industry forums
• How to establish a reputation as a figure of authority in your industry forums
• How to obtain thousands of links to your website from your industry forums
Pillar #10: Viral Marketing
• What viral marketing is and why you can't afford to ignore it
• How viral marketing works
• Examples of highly effective viral marketing campaigns
• How to brainstorm 10 viral marketing strategies for your business
Pillar #11: Visitor Analysis
• Why you're throwing business away if you don't analyse your website visitor statistics
• Why profiling your visitors is essential
• How to research the keyword phrases that your visitors are using to find your website in search engines
• Why your home page isn't as important as you think it is
Pillar #12: Continuous Content
• Why search engines love new content and why you should add new content to your website as often as possible
• How and where to outsource the writing of your website content
• Whether your should focus on quantity or quality
• Why continuous new content on your website increases the amount of sites that link to you
Pillar #13: The Evolving Web
• How the web has evolved and why that matters to you
• Examples of 'old style' websites
• Examples of 'new style' websites
• How to plan for the future


Gleb said…
For keywords research I can recommend you seodigger.com, just trace your competitors keywords and positions in SERP, they've done all the work allready :-).
also overure.com and wordtracker.com can help you.
Anonymous said…
I am sure this will help a lot, also google apps have something called keyword trends.
james pandreson said…
Grand Magus has disappointed me on stage several times now, but then again I am a spoilt brat. However, the attitude was always right and they deserved nothing less than my fullest appreciation.

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