The real winner of India Election

Who do you think is the real winner of the India General Elections? Is it the UPA, the Congress Party, the 500+ MPs, or us, the citizens of this country?

Well, I think the real winner happens to be the Media. The television channels and the newspapers that have been covering the elections for the past 3 months

They started with the election coverage… on the spot coverage, studio interviews, expert talks, the voter feedback, election bus, you name it, they have done it… it gives the media huge amount of content, and many prime ad spots in FCT, including the political parties

Then come a week of great debate (or shall I say the tall tale)… Reams of newsprint and thousands of minutes of airtime was dedicated to what the election analysis experts were calling the Exit Poll… and the possible political permutations and combinations…. The tall tales were of the various numbers the parties would get… the possible look of first, second, third, fourth, and other fronts… who they would support, what needs to be done… etc, etc, etc… the media hype thus created was about a hung parliament.. mid term polls, horse trading, negotiation.. etc… In fact no 2 channels had the same exit poll analysis… give me a break.. a rose is a rose is a rose… the prediction should have been same or at-least similar
Cometh the truth, when the results were declared… and poof… all the predictions is out of the window… and the media vultures have forgot all about the earlier carcasses they fed to the public and now started serving the new dish… all about ministries, etc.. the stuff they spoke about in the pre election analysis and exit polls all conveniently covered with new content…

The news TV stations got their share of TRP’s, the newspaper - their circulation, and the advertising monies…

The bickering about seat sharing has already begun in the political circles… the citizens would still go about with their lives, praying and believing in divine interventions rather than the local politician to solve his or her problems… The media has made their monies, and have made sure all they have said and done prior to the results are forgotten… and with a smirk on their face. Smirk of a Winner.




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