Bitching about a Pitch


Been a bad day so far....

Went for an 'integrated' pitch. The client is a FMCG major in India.

We had 3 concepts for digital. Unfortunately, we had only 10 Mins to go through our presentation.

Bad... people talk at length about the youth being online, social networking, IMs etc, etc, etc... but the majority for the focus of the advertising campaign is led offline - through print and TV. 10 Minutes for 3 concepts... I guess I need to master the art of Elevator Selling.

Can Online make a substantial impact on the marketers campaign focus?

What would it take to make the marketers and advertisers take note of the Internet, as a lead medium for their marketing strategy. A 100 Million users? or more specific and credible data on the demography, or maybe how they consume this medium.

I am searching for these answers... till then, I will think that Internet is a child of lesser god.

Started the week on a wrong note. Hope tomorrow is better.




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