The Juggernaut called Google


I was just reading an article on the new ad agency that Google plans to launch. Got me thinking - The way this 10 year entity is going, it will soon encompass all that is digital and will change the way we consume this media.

What has Google done:

Google Search - The largest Search Engine
GMail - E Mail service provider
G Docs - Online collaborative documents
AdWords - PPC model
Google Ad Network - Large and still growing
Google Analytics - Web page analytical tool
Gtalk - Instant Messaging
Google SNS - Orkut

What Google is doing:

GPhone: Mobile Phone
Google Search on Mobile
Google Gadgets - Widgets
Google Ad Agency

These are some of the things that I can think about... Google wants to be in all the space that an online user is. What next is the question

Maybe Google will come up with a GPaper - that will replace newspaper. It would be a tablet, that will get updated with the current news. You can create your own format and the type of news you want. Soon it will be goodbye to the newspaper boys, and the prints...

Beware, this Juggernaut on the roll is becoming unstoppable

- Santosh

oops, did i forget to mention the blogging site Google has - :)


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